Pentecostal Calvary Temple was founded in 1957 by Rev. Lewis Richie. He had a ministry of deliverance and miracles and a desire to see souls changed by the power of God . He pastored and traveled along with his wife Peggy and children, holding revivals across the USA in tents and churches. He had a miracle, signs and wonders ministry, used mightily in the gifts of the spirit. He pastored until his death in 1992, his son David became pastor until 2012, under his leadership a Television program was started and a church Preschool, at his resignation his brother in law Eric Soto and wife Diane became pastors in January 2012 till present time, Bro. Eric had pastored in North Vernon, In. for 12 years before moving to Calvary Temple, Diane grew up in this church playing the Hammond organ, teaching Sunday School, leading worship.  We are celebrating 61 years at Calvary Temple Church.  We desire to see people grow in the knowledge of the Word and live victoriously. God has blessed the church with property to expand in the future. We want to show our community the love of Jesus and that we are a caring church. Pastor Eric and congregation extend a warm welcome to come and be with us.

                                                                                    ABOUT OUR PASTOR
Pastor Eric and Diane have been married for 33 years and have three children and 12 grandchildren. Eric grew up in New York City and came to Indiana after serving in the Marines and is a Vietnam Veteran. Eric attended Christian In Actions Institute in California. They pastored a church in North Vernon for 12 years, then moved back to Austin to attend Calvary Temple. Diane became director and teacher of His Kids Preschool. Eric and Diane were on the worship team and taught adult bible classes. They became pastors in 2012 till present. Eric has a passion for prayer and teaching the word and both have a heart and love for the community to those who are hurting to show them the love of God. They are both part of the worship team and Pastor Eric is also fluent in Spanish and we welcome our spanish friends and invite you to attend one of our services, you will meet friendly loving folks.
This slide show shows the many guests that have graced the podium at Calvary Temple over the years