Pastor Eric and Diane Soto

Founder and Pastor
Rev. Lewis Richie

He was a man of God that preached the uncompromised Word Of God. He was anointed, used in the gifts of the spirit, seen thousands healed, delivered and saved!!
He Pastored and Evangelized across America, was an author and published a songbook and was a man of prayer.
He loved working for God, he held tent revivals for years and seen miracles, signs and wonders. In KY they would bring the sick and dying in on stretchers from the hospitals and they were healed. He believed in casting out devils.
He also organized March for Jesus in Austin and preached for unity among the churches.
He appeared on many TV programs. The family travel in revivals with W V Grant Sr. We have had many well know ministries at CTC, and are thankful to God for that.
 He was highly respected and many ministers came up under him and are carrying on the Gospel to this day. We constantly hear about how he touched many lives.
We are carrying on what he started for the Glory of God.
He is loved and missed by his family and church and friends.


Message  from Calvary Temple 

We pray that as we enter into 2018 that you are blessed, healed, prosperous. May you fall more in love with Jesus and that He is Lord of your life, that a passion to know HIM more will kindle like never before.
We pray that you will experience his Love and Grace and Favor.
CTC is expecting great things in 2018, our heart is to see more souls saved, people healed, delivered and set free and to work for the Kingdom while we still have time. 
We will continue an outreach in  our  community, showing the love of Jesus! We are the hands and feet of Jesus, and to continue to equip the saints with the Word of Faith and to be a light in this dark world. Purpose this year to be faithful to what God has called you to do!!!

Pastor Eric & Diane Soto
Every Wednesday at 6pm we go LIVE on facebook to take prayer requests, after that we have a meal and start Bible Study soon after. Everyone is welcome to join us, Pastor Eric teaches us the Word of God and we have a great time of fellowship with fellow believers. We have it at our church fellowship hall which is across from the church at 211 S Dowling, Austin, Spicertown area.